The Deason House in Ellisville, Ms

This house is on the Halloween tour as a haunted house in Ellisville, Mississippi. It is a historical house that is being of the oldest in the area. During the Civil War, Newt Knight went AWOL from his unit and with other men lived in the swamps in the area. An officer was sent to capture this group of renegades, and he spent the night at the Deason house. Knight went there during the night and shot the officer when he opened the door. The officer's blood is still on the wood of the porch and will not clean up. The doors opens sometimes by itself, and chairs have been reported to move by themselves. I'm sure there are other mysterious happenings in the house that I do not know about. Hopefully, you will research this and add it to your list to visit.

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Oct 11, 2013
The Truth about Ghosts NEW
by: Elizabeth Patterson

The Bible is obviously not being read by anyone who buys into "hauntings." The scripture clearly indicates that the spirits of the dead go to either heaven or hell. They do not remain here on earth. Places identified as "haunts" in the Bible are described as being inhabited by demons. God created Satan and demons as angels to serve him in heaven. Satan was supposedly the most beautiful of them all, but he and 1/3 of all of the angels rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven onto the earth. (We in fact live on Satan's prison planet.) Associating with demonic beings is a very bad and dangerous activity. Learn more about it in the dusty old book that you never find time to open and read. It's a much better use of your time and energy than looking for demons in old buildings.

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