the dark night

by Jess
(Ohio )

One night i was driving home from work and i saw a strange figure standing in the middle of the road. Naturally i thought it would move as i got close. But it didn't. I got closer and closer, but atill the dark figure in the middle of the street didn't move. I got even closer and decided to stop my car as the figure had not yet moved.

Getting out of my car i walked slowly over to the figure, which i could see now was a little girl. I walked up to her as slow as possible and asked the question "are you okay young one?" she didn't reply. I asked her the same question again and she screamed very loudly in my face. Frightened i run back to my car and drive off.

The next night i drove the same way and she was still there! i got out of the car yet again and asked all the same questions and yet again she screamed in my face and ran away.

The next night was the same, all the same things happened but she did not run away. I got back in my car after she was unrespondent adn drove away. Looking back through my mirror to see if the girl was there i noticed a figure laid on the back seat. IT WAS THE GIRL. she said she had come for me. i instantly jumped out of my moving car and died...

I am ghost.

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