The Crescent Hotel .......Located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

by Brian Doudna
(Milton Wv US)

I am originally from Eastern Arkansas, but have a several family members that moved west to attend U of A and ended up staying there Eureka Springs is a little more north, but close. I visited them as well as the Hotel more than several years ago. What a beautiful and awesome place. It's a very strange place. Built for the wealthy and famous in 1886, but was unmanageable and was closed. Reopened in 1908 as the Crescent College and Conservatory for women. Closed and reopened as a Jr College until 1934 and then opened as summer hotel. 1937 saw a new owner who turned it into a hospital. Norman G Backer was his name and was run out of Iowa for practicing medicine with no license or degree in medicine. 3 years later he was sent to federal prison for 4 years. It sat empty for 6 years until the Spring of 1946 and was purchased and ran as a hotel and resort until March 15, 1967 when it nearly burned to the ground. In 1997 it was purchased and saw a 6 year renovation of the hotel rooms. The Crescent Hotel has been called "America's most haunted Hotel". it is said to be haunted by at least 8 ghost. All died in the hotel for various reason of the course of time. In 2005 Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson for the tv show Ghost Hunters recorded an episode there. Great place to visit and I'm pretty sure it's open today as a hotel.

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