The Break In

by Missina

So me and my sister and someone else were watching TV(George Lopez) while our mom's where at the casino and then we heard foot step's in the kitchen!.

So we went in the kitchen and nothing was there except the window by the door was wide open and the door was unlocked!.

So we went back to the couch and began to watch TV again..Me and my sister felt breathing on our neck's and we did not want to look behind us..So we carried on And then we heard foot step's going up the stair's..

So we fell asleep on the couch.And when our mom came and picked us up we told her what had happened.

She didn't believe us!.....So we went home and when we got home we got out of the car and went passe'd our picket fence.

MY MOM'S HEADLIGHTS ON HER CAR WENT ON! she went and fixed it..We went to bed when we got inside......... 3 O'CLOCK in the morning, my mom gets a call from jeanna my moms friend because we where at jeanna's house when that happened..

So anyway my mom get's a call and jeanna goes "DUDE, SOMEONE JUST STOLE MY CAR" and so later my mom realized that we were telling the truth and that the people that broke in went upstairs and hid until everybody was asleep at jeanna's house....So to this day we are still freaked out..

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Aug 25, 2013
The break in NEW
by: Susie connolly

That story is so stupid. First if someone was breathing on my neck, i'd wanna see what was there. 2, if i heard footsteps going upstairs, do you think i'd be going to sleep. And 3, why would someone break into a house, wait until people fall asleep and then leave? Surely wouldn't it be more reasonable to have left while you was asleep? Very silly story, and a shame i can't vote zero for it.

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