the basment of my house in brooklyn


i was upstairs near the basement and then i heard a singing voice i thought it was my dad and i didn't even bother to go down then when i was walking i saw my dad in the kitchen i said"dad weren't you in the basement singing"? dad said"well no honey why in the world would you think i was in the basement he was sweating allot and nervous i walked away i went down to the basement and started reading my book (the basement was my bedroom well kinda)I then really got curious of what my dad was hiding i mean no one would sweat when someone asks them a question the could get nervous right?then i asked my mom my dad and mom are divorced so i talk to her privately on the phone i said"mom dads been acting really strange and i have a funny feeling someones snooping around in the basement!!!!!!!!!"mom was shocked she said that dad had a girlfriend and the next day she was gone but still in the house that's why dad and mom got divorce mom didn't want to get killed so got divorced .I was confused and worried i wanted to move away with mom but dad locked me in my bedroom,then i heard dad talking that he killed his girlfriend in the basement first rape then stabbed her i went down to the basement crying and then i went to the corner which i was scared to go to i saw something half buried why would someone just leave everything behind then i got my cell phone called the police and they came straight to my house i showed them the body i found in one tiny corner and they put the knife in the bag and arrested my dad i had to go to court my dad spent 11 -20 years in jail i packed my things and left with my mom i now hated to see my father and i felt good of what i did but 1 year later i went back to the house and it was worst blood marks everywhere but the spirit of my dads girlfriend led me to something i followed it all the way to the bedroom she was raped in to different places took place one bedroom where the raping happened and one basement where killing happened i found i beautiful jewlery box and i opened it jewlery in it i could contact to ghost she said that my father wanted the box but she hid it so he wont find it i was not quite i was crying in my inside i was afraid that dad was going to be back

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Jun 04, 2012
horible NEW
by: Anonymous


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