The 3000 block of Capri Lane, Costa Mesa,

There is a strange vibe all hours of the day or night, and the feeling of someone watching you. Lots of movement

during the early morning hours. Since the house is located on the country club, there have been odd sightings of dark figures moving about the property especially closest to the greens. There have been sightings of a young girl sitting in a wing back chair in a room on the second level, whispering voices, footsteps on the stairway in garage, slamming doors in the night. Cigarette smoke is often smelled and seen .

There has also been a couple of incidents where it felt like something was sitting on your shoulders and either pushes you down the stairs or down on the sidewalk. Also the house has some type of evil presence that when people come to this house they often fight and once they leave they are relieved from this feeling of fighting. This may be be associated to a death that occurred where the owners son in law was stabbed to death in the driveway of this home by a mild mannered family friend.

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