by ashley pipkin

I work at a tanning salon, I've been an employee here since february. Iv'e never had a problem with anything since I have worked here, until 2 days ago. I work at a location right in the middle of town, and it is a huge building more like a warehouse but it has other stores on the side of it. But - long story short - I was walking down one of the hallways to go into one of the rooms to clean a tanning bed (something I've done a hundred times) but this time was different. I felt as if someone was behind me, I turned around and no one was there, so I just finished cleaning the bed and walked out. I walked up to the front and sat down behind the counter and started to play on the computer. No one had come in for about an hour so I was basically glued to facebook bored out of my mind. I heard the sound of keys dangling in someones hands, I looked up I thought someone walked in but... No one was there. I thought maybe I was just hearing things and proceeded back to facebook. And the sound was started again about 5 minuntes later. It was coming from the hallway, I was starting to get a little freaked out by this point. I got up and nervously walked down the hallway and it stopped. I passed a couple of rooms, but toward the end of the hallway there was Room 8 and it's the last door down the hallway (you run straight into it). The door slammed shut. No one was in there... (that was alive), I ran back into the front of the store and called my friend and told her to hurry up to the store and that I was scared to be here by myself. Still to this day I don't know what that was back there, but I haven't experienced anything else other than that day, but I still get freaked out just thinking about what had happened.

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