Tennesses 'Spirits' - my co-driver

by Para Daughter

The State of Tennessee is known for much more than it's whiskey. I've heard of hauntings there. I experienced something strange when my son and I accompanied my husband on a brief business trip there years ago.

While the husband conferenced, my 8 year old and I decided to explore Nashville and go sightseeing. Nashville government buildings are massive Greek revival architecture. The size of the buildings offer little parking on the narrow, hilly, winding streets.

As I had circled one block for the 10th time, trying to get a parking space - I heard a clear and sharp voice in my right ear say, "STOP - GRAB THE WATER BOTTLE!"

I had the green light as I neared the intersection but I did as I was told. I hit the brakes and reactively grabbed the water bottle from flying out of the cup holder. At that instant A WHITE PICK UP TRUCK BLEW THRU THE INTERSECTION!! There is no question he would have t-boned the passenger side of the car where my son dozed in the back seat.

I swear I was sober as a judge and there was no one in the car with me other than my sleepy son, or was there?

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