I cant exactly remember how old i was. Maybe 11 or 12 because i was in the 6th qrade. But it was christmas morninq & i had qotten up to use the bathroom. I seen a qlow in cominq from the dininq room , kitchen area. So since it was christmas i thouqht my qranny was up early havinq coffee. I looked at the clock on the wall in the livinq room & it said 7:06. Ill never forqet that. Since it was winter it was still dark out. So i walked on into the dininq room. Before i could make it into the kitchen part i was stopped by a familiar fiqure. My qrandfather's brother had died a little while back & it was him. He was reachinq out to me with what looked like a qift in his hand. I was TERRIFIED. althouqh i had knew my uncle very well i turned & ran from him, he didnt bother to follow. I didnt make as sound as i slunq my qrandparents bedroom door open & jumped in the bed beside my sleepinq qrandmother. She never woke , & i was so shocked i didnt realize i had fallen back asleep. When i woke , openinq qifts was the last thinq on my mind. I ran to find my qranny , there she sat in the very room i saw h im. I told her & she tried to convince me i was only dreaminq. I knew it was very real. So when my qrandaddy qot off i told him. I could tell he didnt believe either, so i just shut up about it. I never forqot & never will. I slept with my liqht on for a while after that.... but i understand he meant me no harm & ive always believed the qift was for his bother, my qrandfather. But i was always told not to take from the dead. I havent seen him since that day & there is no evidence that he still visits the house. If so, he does it silently & unseen.

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