Teller House and the Old Opera House, Central City, Colorado

by Dianne
(Spokane USA)

When I was about 11 or 12 years old we used to take trips to Central City with out of town friends and show them the sites. On one of these occasions my brother and I were walking past the Teller House and there was a shadowy figure inside the door. When we looked in through the window it was gone. There was no one in there. The door was locked cause they weren't open for business yet. Then we were walking a little farther up and past the Opera House and noticed someone in the window on the second floor dressed in Old western garb. It too wasn't open for business but we could hear music coming from inside but supposedly no one was in the building. Kinda creeped us out so we left and rejoined our group. If you talk to the locals they will tell you that both of those places are haunted and things go on there all the time.

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