Sweetwoods Bar and Grille in Leavenworth, Kansas

by Joey Keeth
(Kansas City, Missouri)

My Dad used to own this bar in Kansas. It has now been abandoned for 4 years now.(as of May 2012) The upstairs is not the creepiest part but there is a few things that have happened up there.(by the way, I am 11 years old as of May 2012) Ok, so as I was clearing of the pool tables, there was a loud bang in the eating area.(it wasn't open yet, and my dad was upstairs)I went to investigate, but there was no one there, and there was a table tipped over. I picked it up and went back to work. It did it again. I finally went upstairs to watch the survalence footage and clear as day, the table is picked up and thrown.

(basement) This is the creepiest part of the place. The underground railroad is under their. I am honestly not lying. I sware to god. I was coming down one night after closing time and all of the sudden I heard people yelling "come on, lets go!" Then where you can see the underground railroad there where 7-10 people walking along. I went back there to tell them they where tresspassing, but when i look went to look for them, no one was there. There is alot of creepy stuff at this abandoned bar and grille. this is the most haunted place i have ever been to.( and i have been to a lot of creepy, haunted places.)


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