swananoah in afton virginia

by peggy miller
(waynesboro va 22980)

to whom it may concern i live in waynesboro virginia and there are 2 places that might interest you for hauntings. First, Fairfax Hall its next to fourth street in waynesboro. It was a hotel, a girls home, and now is a low income apartment complex for people over 55. it is very interesting and has cold spots through out the place. Another is swananoah in Afton VA now that place is real scary you can usally take a tour but they are very strict on what rooms you are aloud to go in. Couple of years ago my brother his exwife and myself went up there and walked around the property its real scary. When you go up the road that leads to the castle you see a man or woman walking. when you go to leave they are gone. They say that witches live up there and do their witch craft. There is another place in Crimora VA called the coal road there is supposly a woman t here that is a witch and does witch craft. I love these kinds of things. hope i have helped. hope to hear from you/.

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