super 8 hotel minnesota and spenard anchorage

by melissa
(wasilla, ak)

worked in housekeeping, cleaning a room on the 3rd flr. i was rinsing out the tub and heard my name called, i shut off the water, yelled what and walked out into the hallway, but nobody was out there at the same time i felt like i wasn't alone. i never said anything until i accidently startled a shuttle driver, he told me don't do that!!! there was a dead guy found on the third flr. and also said there was another housekeeper working there that said there was something up there. what really creeped me out was it knew my name.

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Jan 06, 2014
The Third Floor At Super 8 Anchorage NEW
by: Front desk agent that was working that night

It was the 23rd of March 20013. Graveyard Shift

Mar 26, 2013
rm 302 NEW
by: Joseph/shuttle driver

one night I was doing the routine hallway walk through during graveyard shift when I heard a alarm Clock going off in room 302. I went downstairs to check with the front desk to see if anyone was in that room and get a room key to shut of the alarm. When I got back up to room 302, the alarm was no longer going off. I told the front desk that someone must have shut it off. I asked again, "are you sure there is knowone in that room?" Front desk had confirmed again that the room was empty. So I then asked if the alarms are able to shut themselves off.....apparently not. They need to be shut off manually. She said are you sure you heard an alarm? I was 100% sure I did. So I just ignored this and went about my day. Well, tonight I again... Was walking through the hallways as a security precaution. By now I had completely forgot about that night so as I'm walking on the third floor I hear an alarm going off. As usual I made sure exactly what room it was sounding from by listening closely. Rm 302... At this point I thought nothing of it and went to receive a room key. I returned a moment later and to my surprise to sound wad no where to be heard... I returned to the front desk and asked, are you 100% POSITIVE Rm 302 is empty? At that very moment an eerie feeling of deja vu over came me... I had remembered this EXACT scenario playing out before... This now had peeked my interest... The room was indeed empty...and I'm sure I heard that alarm BOTH times. Again... These alarms have to be shut off MANUALLY. That same night I made one last round and the MOMENT I passed door 302 the electric keycard slot beeped at me three times... hahahaha (I laughed nervously)... Turns out a couple years back a man actually died on... Lo and BEHOLD... the 3rd floor...

Oct 15, 2012
When? NEW
by: Anonymous

When did this accure?

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