Sunset park (elementary school) pueblo co

(Pueblo Colorado )

The old swings between the school and the church. Rumor has it that a little girl was swinging on the swings when a bunch of kids were around her making fun of her and led her committing suicide on that swing. I would go by the swing at night and with no one around the swing will be swinging quite high with no one in it when the other 3 swings are still. Another time we were at the swings and the wind was blowing quite hard and all the other swings were moving but this one was perfectly still and had an indent on the seat like some one was sitting there (it's the 2nd swing on the right with your back to the school)

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Jul 06, 2013
Ive seen her too NEW
by: Anonymous

You might be wrong about which swing it was, but I've seen her too. She was glowing as bright as a fluorescent light. The swing was swinging high and hard. And as soon as I turned on the headlights she was gone, the swing was still swinging. This was back in 1993. I always wondered why people who live in the houses right across the street didn't record it, or set up a camera or something.

Apr 25, 2011
Close but no Cigar
by: Resident

I happen to live near that swing set, and where as there is a swing that operates under the premise you offer its not the second from the right is the second from the left with your back to the school. As well Do you have any proof of the little girl?

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