Sunhouse black shadows

by Alicia Sheerin
(Santa Rosa,Ca, Sonoma County)

In Ukiah California, one day we went to the Grace Hudson Sunhouse. My grandparents where with us, so was my mom and brother. Well we had a tour guide with us, as she opened the door; I felt uncomfortable. Inside was dark and the only light that shined through was the sun from outside. As the tour guide was explaining to my mom, grandparents, and little brother; First I saw a black shadow on the wall, I swear their was no one in the Sunhouse at the time but just the four of us. I stood there shaking. I told my mom, but she does not believe in spirits. Than I saw quick black shadow outside too. It made me more scared. Also I can feel cold spots in the study room and in

Through out the house. my brother made it worse, I was scared. i felt energy in the house. So I begged my mom to get me out of their. The porcelain dolls creeped me out too. So thats my ghost story.

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