Strange things In my house.

by syd
(kearney nebraska)

It was a month ago or 2 and I was walking out into the kitchen to get something to eat. My house was built in the early 1990's. Going on with the story. I was walking in the Kitchen and I was looking for something eat. I then heard a "Hey!" So I walked out into my living room and I asked my parents and brother if they yelled "hey!". They said they didn't. I looked outside, no one was there. So I brushed it off. I knew it was a ghost. Every night before I got to bed, I take a shower. One night I saw a figure go past the shower curtain. I hopped out and told my mom. She looked in there and said that I'm fine. Last night, I turned my fan on. There was my remote sitting on a secure place and out of no where it fell by itself. There was a man that died of a heart attack before we moved in. My house is haunted.

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