stowe vt, emilys bridge (officially called the gold brook bridge)

by lex
(stowe, vt, u.s.a)

emilys bridge is said to be haunted by a young girl named emily who fell in love with a boy that her parents did not aprove of so when she got pregnant with him she planned to elope and meet on the bridge, somehow her parents found out about this and hired some local thugs to beat him up so when he never showed up to meet emily she hung herself out of desperation knowing she could never return to her parents. When i went to emilys bridge i imidietly got an uneasy feeling and started snapping pictures at first glance i found nothing special in the pics but when i looked again i found several glowing stipes in the air so i whent back around again this time my dad got out of the car and decided to go to the bathroom in the woods he had left the car door open wich then slammed shut by itself

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