Stewartsville- Jeters Chapel Church of the Brethren graveyard

by Brittany

Well, the old story has been known for years and years of the sightings of a man in a white robe hovering over the middle of the cemetery.

My boyfriend lives on lovers lane just across the road from the entrance of jeters chapel. We have grown up hearing the tales and figured we (my boyfriend, his friend victor, and I) would maybe hang around the cemetary late that mid summer night to possibly catch a glimps of this "hovering man over the grave yard". I personally didn't believe in ghosts or the paranormal... but I was hoping maybe something would change my mind. We sat on the side of the road in his car for maybe 25 mins facing the church, just watching. We didn't see anything. Finally we all got out and walked up to the church. First to the front door then making our way to the center of the grave yard. It was completely silent and warm. Seemed completely normal and I had the feeling we were just wasting our time. As we wandered around and began to leave we felt a cool breeze blow by and for once that night I felt uneasy. I was walking faster back to my boyfriends car and when we got in I felt a bit scared. We pulled out and went a little way up the mountain and then found a place to turn around. As we were coming back down we slowed down and all stared out the windows witnessing what appeared to be a whiteish figure swiftly moving maybe 3 feet the out of our view behind a tombstone. I wanted to get out or at least sit there in the car to see more of whatever we saw but my boyfriend wanted to leave. It was pretty weird. We drive by there every once in a while still. I plan to go back soon with some ghost hunting tech and see what else I can find.

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Aug 11, 2013
Jeters Chapel NEW
by: Anonymous

Mr Etter

My name is Gary Foutz Founder of Unsolved Mysteries of Virginia.
Jerry Patsel was my Uncle and I would love to hear more about this and is there any more reports?
You can contact me at

Gary Foutz

Aug 11, 2013
the real untold facts NEW
by: michael etter

I moved to the top of Jeters Chapel Mtn about 15 years ago.Shortly after the move we brought our 2horses Blaze a palamino and Fancy the dark brown quarter horse to small field with abarn halfway down the mtn on the Jordantown side.This property was owned by Mr Jerry Patsel.He is now since passed away sadley but his stories still live on withn me.Mr Patsell lived here on the mtn since the early 1900s when the entire rd was still dirt and traveld mainly by horse and buggy.During these times Jerry still bought the local paper wich he used for me to verify his tales.The paper told of a woman living on the mountain with her young son.Late one afternoon her son was supposed to be outside playing in the backyard when she found him he was hovering2ft off the ground and spinning n a circle, beside the boy was as described a spiked tail monkey, black n color with scales on skin and humanlike hands and feet,and red glowing eyes.

Sep 12, 2012
Investigation NEW
by: Gary Foutz

We at Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal Society did a Investigation last fall in Jeters Chapel Grave site. We did a few EVP'S and some pictures of Poss Orbs that could be explained as dust or bugs. We did not find anything out of the usual than just a few solar lights at a couple of graves that could when foggy give off a light that could make someone think its something there walking or floating. Our findings where nothing haunted from this Investigation.

Apr 24, 2011
by: Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal Sovciety

Our group has gotten permittion from the head of the cemetary to do a Investigation about this same story.If you would like to come join us let me know maybe we can solved what people has seen for a long time.

Founder,Lead Investigator

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