Stevens Cottage Shenandoah Virginia

by David Giron
(Shenandoah Virginia)

Stevens Cottage Built 1890

Stevens Cottage Built 1890

This Cottage is one of the oldest homes in town and was built in 1890 as the original Shenandoah Land and Improvement Company.It was the place were they divided the town into lots and sold them.

Later on the Stevens sisters bought the home and lived there till passing.
It is now almost like a Museum with a lot of the original furniture and a lot of events are held there.
Claims on the house is a woman's apparition has been seen a couple times and walking and noises heard in several areas of the house and people have heard voices in the home.
I have investigated there several times and Obtained EVP of a woman talking to me and using the spirit box in home is always amazing, they have told me there are 7 spirits in the home, most friendly but one cranky doctor that doesn't like you to touch his chair in the upstairs attic.
This home can be rented for investigations or parties but to date the group I'm with has been the only one, most have kept a lid on this but I personally believe anyone in there with an open mind can obtain all the evidence they'd like here.

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