Stepping Stones Child Care Bullhead City, AZ 86442

Stepping Stones is a 24 hr. child care facility. While working at night the monitors will pick up the image of a woman sitting in a rocking chair in the infant room, rocking. She appears to be holding a child. She has long black hair and appears to be dressed in frontier garb or buckskins. Also in the infant room the closet / storage room has a very heavy self closing door that latches when it is closed shut, however it opens up regularly by itself to stand about 6 inches open and it stays that way until someone closes it again. This happens often. Most of the employees will ask the entity to stop, and it will for a short while but soon starts up again.

Another thing that happens in stepping stones is things get pushed off shelves or falls off the walls all the time. Sometimes objects will literally fly from the shelves. Footsteps can be heard walking through the building when no one is awake or moving about.

Shadows have been seen of a human form outside the building on the grounds, standing in the bushes or alongside the building. This is so frightening that the police have been called before when employees thought that an intruder was present and feared for their lives.

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