Staunton, Virginia... Staunton Prision and asylum

by D.W. Andrews
(Staunton VA)

Was founded as western state asylum in the late 1800s and then thurned into a prison in the 1930s this huge 90 acre property is covered in over 20 buildings including houses witch are haunted with the trouble spirts of the doctors who tortured the patents... cell blocks and safe rooms haunted by the thousands of spirits that ment there end there... A morgue and crematory that seems to echo the screams of the thousands that died there.... no to mention the over 800 unmarked grave stones from inmates and patents that ment there end there at a time when the world didnt unstand mental illness and patents were subject to cruel treatments that in most cases caused there un timely deaths... this is the scarest damn place i have ever seen and experienced in my life. I still to this day have nightmares from all the things i have seen and heard there from cold spots in rooms where the temp. changes by 15 to 20 degrees, to screams from the morgue, to strange mists roaming the grounds and graveyard.. to spirits walking the cell blocks, and last but not least to hearing with my own ears a mulitude of voices telling u in unision "join us".. Everytime i drive by there i feel like they r watching me i will nver forget the haunted voices.

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Oct 03, 2012
VERY haunted.... NEW
by: Anonymous

I was locked up there in the nineties, and let me tell you, that place is haunted. I have personally witnessed men being lifted in the air and thrown out of their bunks. The kitchen was where the morgue was and most inmates were scared to go upstairs. Even guards had quit there after some of the stuff they had seen. I saw something in the window of the morgue that made me literally run across the compound one night. Late at night, in the bathrooms of one of the old housing units, you can hear the conversations and screams coming from far away...the sinks would turn on by themselves. Often, our feet would be grabbed while we were sleeping, and sometimes you would wake up unable to breathe with a huge weight pressing down on you. Alot of bad stuff had happened there, and it was a scary place. No question in my mind that it was haunted, and I'm usually a big skeptic. I was there for five years, not just overnight, so I know.

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