St. Thomas More Hospital, Canon City, CO - Man in the top hat.

by Justin J
(Canon City, CO, USA)

My mother explained to me a ghost that haunted the lower halls. She worked at the hospital when she was 18, it was about 1990. She was a laundry worker in the basement and since she was new, she had to stay later than the others. While everyone else left at 12:30 A.M., she got off at 2:30. There were always tales of a man who wore a tall, black top hat who roamed the halls by the laundry room. Across the hall was the morgue. One night, when she was there late, she heard footsteps getting closer and closer. When she looked through the only doorway out of the laundry room, she saw a figure in a top hat. He looked right at her while walking past the door. My mother said she was extremely scared. She then heard noises from the morgue. She said it sounded like bodies being cut up. She thought it was a worker staying late also. However, the nearby elevator opened and the man who worked in the morgue got off. This made her fear level rise rapidly. When she looked down the hallway, she saw a body on a gurney. What she didn't expect was the body's arm to fall limp by itself. She said that there would only be one body in the hall at a time. It was only a few days later that my mother quit her job. To this day, the morgue has been sealed off. However, it remains haunted by the man in the top hat.

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