St. James Healthcare Butte, MT

(Butte Montana)

There is an old vacant boarded up hospital in my hometown of Butte Montana. When I was about 16 a group of my friends and I decided we were going to go inside (aside from it being locked and boarded up) a bunch of high school kids who live in a old mining town who could resist right? as we climbed the gate and got inside we were walking around when we heard something coming from a room about 5 doors down (I believe we were on the old maternity ward due to some old cribs that were left behind) we thought we heard someone coming up the hall, automatically assuming there was a security guard on shift or maybe a homeless person staying there we hid under what I think was what used to be a nurses station desk. As myself and 4 other decently seized teenage kids were huddled under the pretty big desk we heard the footsteps get closer up the hallway and sounding like they stopped at the desk. After what seemed like forever (probably only a minute or so really) my friend decided she would stick her head out from the corner and see what it was well when she did there wasn't anything there that could've been making the sound. We all kind of laughed it off and decided we would keep on with our little adventure running in and out of rooms and pretending to be doctors and playing with a wheelchair we found in an old closet. We were pushing each other down the hall in the wheelchair when I decided I was gonna sit in it my friend shoved the chair down the hall and I had my hands in the air laughing and making racecar sounds when it felt like I ran smack into a break wall and the chair kind of spun out and flipped ending up with a busted open lip and good lump on my head. (there was nothing in the hallway that could've possibly made me crash like that)after a few hours we decided we were going to head out to make it home by curfew and our way back out we had stopped by that nurses station desk because my friend realized he had left his phone somewhere we walked around looking for it when I called it and it was sitting behind a portion of the desk (almost like a built in bookshelf) but the weird thing was that there was a good amount of dust collected on the desk and none of it was moved nor were there any indication that his phone was tossed or dropped up there but more like it was perfectly placed as well his battery level dropping from green to less than 5%.

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