St James apartment complex Grand Forks North Dakota

by Anonymous
(Grand forks north Dakota )

My friend and I lived in this apartment complex, and one night we were in my apartment which is on the main floor. I went to grab something from his apartment alone i saw a girl behind me in the reflection of the window,as I turned around to say hi she was no longer there. Thinking nothing of it because I thought she might have gone into an apartment or even back down the stairs. I continued towards the door of my friends apt, and that's when I saw her there behind me not sure if she was walking behind me or standing there. I looked behind me agian not there looked back to the window she was there. I looked directly at the floor and into his apartment scared and not knowing what the hell was going on. I collected myself and ran down the stairs back to my place feeling almost sick to my stomach. Note that I do not really believe in ghosts and never went up there by myself agian. This happend at about 12 am to 3 am. I know there is another apartment complex that is almost identical to mine and has a window facing the window of mine and the "thing" or "person" the young girl was behind me and not in front of me in the window. She had black below shoulder hair.

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