Spirits and demons no way just a dream

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(San Diego, CA)

1998:japan;I remember as I would fall asleep in the old apartment where me and my family lived. We had a good time and ate a plenty before sleep. this encounter happend a few time this month i was still a little boy, but even now i remember it like it was yesterday. first encounter was when i slept in the living rooms couch comfortably. There was the yellow rubber smileyface coin purse i had which i liked holding onto. i had left the coinpurse next to the couch on the nightstand onenight. Middle of the night i woke up standing on the hallway in front of front door. i saw a white covered human figure standing behind me, and as i try to run towards the living room to my parents room the human figure grabbed me by the back of my hand and slammed my face into the coin purse as i felt no pain but a feeling of suction like a black hole. however, i had woken up thinking it was a dream but had the chill and woke up on a different couch. Second encounter, i slept on the same spot, but this time the spirit looked like my mom and she was holding a toddlers karaoke box, as she came towards me screaming without any noise she grabbed me by the back of the head as i run. The feeling of a deep pressure and i woke up. these encounters were no dream, they call these sleep paralysis, HOWEVER i do not believe this due to the next encounters will get horribly more terrifying and suspicious.

2000:japan; 4th grade, many nights i would wake up after an experience of a sleep walk. I remember these sleep walk like it was yesterday. These experiences were like a feeling of never waking up and feelings like your going to die and wake up in hell. As i remember what i see during my sleep walks, black circle and static box were flying over like a video game but as it was ending i would be terrorfied with heavy breathing and the panic and the feeling of death is going to happend, i remember as i sleep walk i would see white spirits and i would wlak by them with out any care. As i wake up in the morning, My parents would tell that i was walking around the living room going in and out of their room, crying and jumping around back and forth in fear. I'd thought that this was just one of those sleep paralysis. This had happend over 5x in couple of months and it has gotten worse and worse till i remember the nights as i cry waking up in fear. however waking up in the morning again thinking it was just all a dream. My parents started to worry as i keep waking them up. This has stopped

2003:barstow,ca; 3days straight i had the sleep walk allover again 1st day, i woke up taking a shower in middle of the night as my mom was knocking on the door. She asked me what i was doing in the shower and i had no absolute clue. Next day, i came with a high fever and feelings of tingling body. I was scared that i was going to have these sleep walks again seeing these creepy object and waking up feeling like i was going to die. As i fell asleep, BOOM the sleep walk has happend in the living room. I woke up, my twin brother has told me that i was running around the house and doing kicks and punches in the living room looking into his eyes. 3rd day i was in fear, but feeling like all this is just a dream and nothing is going
to happend.

9-??-2009 osaka, japanl; where my moms side of the family lives, I was 17 years old. Sleeping on the futon, and right before i was falling asleep i started to feel like i was scared, but for no reason, i was scared and it felt like i was going to have one of those sleep walks. Middle of the night i woke up with a white human figure which i thought it was my uncle that has past away and he was just standing there. I would close my eyes shut and fall asleep. From then i would hear noises coming from his old workplace in the house. My family their told me that they always here noises and they would always think it is him. I'm the person where i dont belive in ghost but these encounters would scare me though i think this is just all sleep paralysis.

9,11-21-2012 i slept on the floor middle of the living room in my new apartment with a pillow and a blanket. middle of the night, someone was pulling on my blanket towards the right from my foot. when i would open my eyes i would hear footsteps running toward my twin brothers room. I woke up few times with the similar scenes first time my blanket was lowered, the rest i would open my eyes with a dizzy figure after being knocked out. Saw a black shadow running. today, 11-21-2012 i dreamed of osaka japan and random people fishing in the river in front of my family's house. Their I was with some people i cant remember and my dream would switch up. I woke up with a ringer but i was wide awake, i would hear voices like someone is talking as i was falling back into a deep sleep. THEN as i fall asleep my blankets was being pulled i held on to it thinking what the fuck! i would pray to God as this happens even more scared then before during the sleep walk, knowing this scence is really happening as i pray to God saying "in the name of Jesus Christ i rebuke the" again as i pray, and telling myself "in the name of Jesus Christ i rebuke these demons", I started to feel the whole bed shake and my head started to ring as i felt like this battle was never going to end, the ring got worse and worse as i pray more and more. Then i knew it was some sort of demons, waking up again from the pulls, i told my self fuck this and stood up fearlessly nothing was their. Only a chill going through my body from knowing this was really happening. I pinched myself making sure this was NOT a dream, hurt like hell. Again, i was falling back into a deep sleep, I heard the voices again and as i remember it was 2 people talking in my room and i said fuck it and as i just let it flow. Body was in fear but i was careless my whole room started to shake with a ringer and my blanket being pulled and this time i'd let it pull all the way off. i woke up in shocking chill and nothing was their. I'd thought this was a dream or a sleep paralysis and nothing has happend. How about the sleep walks and my family telling me i was actually walking around in panic? And my memory on what i see like i see regularly through my days. Could this be just a dream? How about the pinch? I remember this like i was awake. every bit of it even from 1998. I would wake up like it was just a dream but the chill i can still feel.

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