Spirit Story

by molly
(hamden, ct)

I was about 4 or 5 when I was living in my old house on the other side of town. From a very young age, I understood what spirits were and that they sometimes were in houses or buildings. Because of this I knew that there was something in my house.

Before I had my experience, my mother had a rather frightening experience. One day when she came home from work she went upstairs to go into her bedroom which was right down the hall from mine. She turned the doorknob and pushed, but the door wouldn't move. Now, that door never stuck and it was in the dead of winter, so there was no way it was humid out.

She pushed against the door hard enough to get it open so she could slide her hand in and low and behold, the dresser which belonged on the other side of the room was in front of the door. Being that this happened during the winter, the windows were all shut and locked so there was no way that anyone could have gotten in and rearranged the furniture.

This continued to happen for almost a year. My father also experienced something in my room. I had a door in my room that went into my closet and my closet was also the landing to the attic. This door had no lock on it and also didn't stick in the humidity. He was trying to get up into the attic and the door just wouldn't budge, so he went downstairs to get a screwdriver to get the door off the hinges. Meanwhile I was sitting on my bed watching the whole thing.

He passed just through my doorway when the closet door flung open out of the blue, almost like someone had been holding it closed and then just let it go. Then came my experience. I was trying to get to sleep in my bed and I just couldn't. I know I was wide awake because I pinched myself to make sure. I looked up at my doorway and I saw this glowy mass. It had the shape of a being, but somehow I knew it wasn't because I could see directly through it into the bathroom.

The being moved over to my bed and picked me up. Naturally I was scared to death being 5 years old, but at the same time I knew that I shouldn't be because this thing wasn't going to hurt me. The next thing that I knew I was in my parents bedroom down the hall.

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