Speed Freak Killers

by Megan Harper
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

Monthago my daughter was in bed with me one of them appeared menacing he was a shorter 5'5" ish man who was portly and bald. He leaned in towards my daughter I grabbed my bat from under my bed chased him into our living room swung the bat at him and it went straight through his middle. I turned immediately and called the police to report an intruder while on the the phone with the police I looked over at my alarm system and noticed it hadn't been activated. It was only then I realized that wasn't a person but a spirit.

My husband is an officer who works night and I made him come home with his partner to search the house for a man hiding inside. Of course they didn't find anyone.

A few weeks passed and after I put the kids to sleep I was walking into my room and I saw a woman standing there. I begged her to leave and leave us alone, she slit her throat and stood there not dieing. I ran into my bathroom to get gauze and she was laughing. I asked her why she was doing that and she said she wasn't evil and disappeared.

The next morning in the paper the headlines showed the picture of a man who was indicated in the series of speed freak killings who looked like the man that was in our home with pictures of his victims from 20 years ago. He was dead but his partner was still alive and now incarcerated. Turns out he was killing women slitting their throats and throwing their bodies in a well near my house. I saw this and screamed- I know this sounds totally fake but she was trying to tell me what happened to her and who did it.

I haven't seen her or the man spirit since her killer was arrested.

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