by michael
(Spanaway Washington ,USA)

So this one day in 2013 a friend was telling me about Lake Spanaway,and how there are reports of children playing in the playground area but then there would be know one there,something to that effect.Winter 1991 me and my older brother were cutting through the park,we had entered from the back gate,and as the playground area started to get closer as we walked.We stopped dead in are tracks when we herd the chilling sound of toddler sized voices playing laughing and swinging,my brother and i were freaked out 100% because it was around 3 in the morning,we thought why would little kids be in the park playing.For one it was really cold for two it was dark as heck and three it was a creepy place to be at night,growing up in East Tacoma we were not to scared,we just needed to get to 152nd or military rd a lot faster.We both were super tired and i guess maybe that is why i have forgotten all about this incident or maybe it was so traumatic that it was stored in the back of my mind.But yes,this really did happen to me and my brother,the thing that stands out the most to me is that it felt like there where some sort of tear or rip in the matrix or dimension that allowed us to here these kids playing, retrospect it sounded like a recording that could be played over and over it was very eerie to here such sounds at 3 am rite.

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