South-East Corner of Foster Ave. and Willow Rd., Wheeling, IL 60090

by Drachen
(Wheeling, IL, USA)

This site is home to the Village of Wheeling Public Works south pumping station. The only people who have access to the building and can get inside the gates are Employees with keys and remote operations for the gate and building, but you are able to drive past it. On October 3rd, 2005, a public works employee was fixing a problem with one of the pipes in the basement. He had been wearing the appropriate safety gear and a breathing apparatus, so stuff wouldn't get into his lungs, but the breathing apparatus was faulty. As a result, carbon monoxide entered his lungs. Paramedics came to the scene and took him to the nearest hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Ever since, many employees won't enter the basement alone or enter it all together. If they do enter, it feels colder than normal in the spot where the public works employee died. Even when the air conditioning is on full blast, it's still colder in that one spot than anywhere else in the basement. There are also reports of a sense of feeling like feeling like someone's watching you, even when alone in the basement.

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