Something in the bushes...

by Jake
(Elk River, MN, US)

:::True Story:::

Last summer, in July I believe, I was having dinner with my family in Minnesota when one of my good friends Lindsey calls. I immediately tell her I cannot talk as I'm eating dinner, but she interrupts me in a very freaked out voice, noticeably crying. She said she was cooking dinner alone in her house when all of a sudden her cat was sitting downstairs looking outside and began hissing and growling at something, and then she heard a loud smack against the window. My initial impression was that some jackass was pulling a prank or something so I grabbed my keys and headed over to scare them off. I brought a bat just in case and pulled into her driveway. She came running outside, still weary of what had just happened. I told her to stay in the driveway, and began walking around the house hoping to scare the hooligan out of hiding. I made it all the way around the yard and was walking toward the driveway when something caught the corner of my eye. In one of the bushes just below the retaining wall, I noticed a dark figure shuffling sideways into the bushes. What really scared me was that as it shuffledd, the bushes did not move whatsoever. It was too small to be an adult, but there was enough light to see that it wasn't necessarily a child given the posture.
As I got closer to the bush, it shuffled some more and I heard a strange, oscillating growl unlike any I've heard before. I thought maybe it was an animal of some sort, but the shadowly outline was humanlike. I began yelling and banging the bat against the ground hoping to scare whatever it was off, but to no avail. I backed away to the driveway telling Lindsey to grab a flashlight from inside. After a minute or two, she returned and I walked toward the bush. I should mention as she was inside, I kept my eye on the bush the entire time, just in case somebody decided to run off. She returned with a flashlight, and I aimed it toward the bush but saw nothing. We stood around until her parents arrived, as well as a few of our friends, and we told them what had happened. Many of them thought I was pulling a prank by saying I saw something. I think Lindsey may have thought that too, but I know what I saw/heard. Nothing has happended at her house since, but I still think about the shadowy figure from time to time. If it was a person, I would've seen the bush move, or the person run off when Lindsey went inside to go grab a flashlight. I'm not a big believer in ghosts or demons, but that night made me question some of my judgment...

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Mar 26, 2014
There are definitely spirits and demons in this world . . . NEW
by: JC

My first question is, where in Minnesota were you when this occurred?

There is a famous haunted mansion in Minnesota (where I reside) called the Chauncey Griggs Mansion, where something, somewhat similar occurred. (This mansion is located in St. Paul.)

A young man who I believe was a staffer at the local newspaper, stayed overnight there, but was taken away in an ambulance in the early morning hours. Neighbors heard someone screaming and called police. When police arrived, they heard something growling and howling but no sound they recognized or were able to identify. Police went inside the house and found the man cringing in the corner in his underwear repeatedly stating, "It's going to kill me". He was in a deep state of shock and so they had him taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Prior to this incidence, several people had witnessed things flying across the rooms by themselves and smashing against the wall. There also had been an art institute housed there but employees refused to stay due to bizarre occurences that terrified them.

Whatever or whomever is in that mansion is:
1. Not of this world, and
2. Clearly evil.

I believe your story and hope you have others in your life who validate you.

Have you had any other encounters before or since that time?

Take care, and God's speed to you, ~JC

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