Somers Mill located on the somers/hazardville line in ct

by Jacey
(enfield, ct)

Me and about 5 friends of mine went there with only a tape recorder and a camera. Your not supposed to be there but teens and young adults go there all the time to explore.

There are huge holes in the floors and most of the staircases are falling apart so going there without someone who knows the area isnt a smart idea. We went one fall night it was about 12:30pm when we entered the building and i had already gotten an uneasy feeling about it. We took a ton of pictures with orbs and this one pic of a foggy/mist looking blob near a staircase. We explored for about 45 mins before heading to the top floor. (theres 4 floors altogether). We were asking questions like "was anyone there" you know, the normal questions everyone asks.

As we went to the top floor we heard a loud crash coming from the floor we entered on. Since we were already up to the third floor we decided to continue to the top and explore that later. We made it to the top floor and it was a giant open space you could see almost every part of the top floor. My friend that had been there before explained to me that at one end there were doors you could walk through that would take you to a back staircase but some of the actual stairs were missing so we didnt even bother.

Mind you the whole time we've been here we've had the tape recorder going. We decided to sit down and just kind of take it all in. We started hearing dogs barking but were this building is located theres no residental houses close enough for you to hear a neighbors dogs. We left the recorder on the top floor and went down to the third to take some pics. When we returned we grabbed the recorder and as i looked up into the thick darkness by the back staircase i got this feeling that something was choking me. not literally choking me but i couldnt breath and i felt like somehting was staring at me from back there.. so of course this being my first paranormal encounter i freaked and ran
down stairs.

As i got to the bottom i could hear a thud then i could hear my friends ask if my boyfriend at the time was alright. When he got to the bottom i asked him what happened he said as he was running after me it felt as if something grabbed his arm and through him off balance and he fell down a flight of stairs. He was ok but the next morning he had a nasty hand shaped bruise on his upper arm. you could tell finger pads and all.

We decided to leave after that but not before my friend decided he was going to yell at what ever was there. He said and i quote" your a worthless cowered, what? are you afraid of us". After that we shut off the recorder and left.

While walking away it felt as if something or someone was watching us leave from the building but i was to tweeked to look. After getting back to our friends house we decided to review our tape and camera. we got alot of orb pics on the camera (some was dust but you could clearly tell the difference) and one of the most disturbing to me was the last one we took. it was of our friend right before we left while he was yelling at it.

There was an orb a rather big one right above his head. and when we listened to the recorder right after him asking "are you afraid of us" you could hear a mubled voice it said something but all we could make out was a gurgling laugh and a difinative "NO!".. We also picked up some weird laughing which we didnt heard while we were there.

Also when we left the recorder upstairs and went to the floor below something had come up to the recorder because you could hear a sort of breathing/sniffing noise right against the mic..I havnt been back there since, mainly because police are starting to patrol the area more since a kid fell through the floor in the begining of the summer. I still look at it every time i drive by it and still get the chills. something is definatly in that place.

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Apr 26, 2013
You Were Lucky NEW
by: Anonymous

You all were lucky you didn't get hurt in the old mill. And yes, it has burned down. Three 20 something year olds were responsible for the fire. They were smoking cigarettes and drinking beer in there...discarding their cigarettes by just throwing them on the floor.
We have now lost a wonderful piece of history for our town as well as a possibly haunted place to investigate...all from carelessness and lack of respect.
If you investigate places like this please do so with respect for the history and people that created it and may still be there is some form. Be careful and cautious with your actions. They could be farther reaching than you can comprehend.

Jun 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

Well now it is BURNT DOWN thanks to kids like you who ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE IN THE BUILDING to begin with! Leave old historic buildings be.

Oct 13, 2011
by: Audrey

OMG I am going there in 2 days. Any places you want me to see or anywhere you DON'T want me to go to? I am a teen and so interested in the paranormal field.

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