smothing spooky

by tiffany
(west jordan utah)

Me and my friend were playing in her garage when we started talking about ghosts and stuff not thinking anything would happen. Then I got a creepy chill go down my back and I said maybe we would should stop talking about ghosts then my friend said "lets play hide and seek". I agreed. So while she counted, I hid under a tunnel that leads to the sewer. While I was in the tunnel I heard her (or something else) coming and as I ducked I saw a weird shadow which spooked me out so I ran out the only way to get out. As I was running to the exit a huge boulder fell over the way out, then I heard someone snarl. Sitting there in the dark, no way out, I saw the brightest round glowing light as it flashed when I opened my eyes the boulder was gone. I got out and ran to my friend, but what's weird is my friend just finished counting almost like it never happened. But it felt sooo real.

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