small town haunting

by Jessica
(Greencastle, IN. USA)

at my old house in , Belle Union IN, me and my sister lived with our parents in a haunted house. i dont know what it was but the house was bad haunted. we would see shadows on the walls when nothing was there. we would see different people in the mirrors when we where all alone.

my sister(5 years older than me) had her bedroom where she slept, and i slept in my bedroom just next door to each other. even though we would be in completely different rooms we would have the exact same nightmares. this happened at least weekly if not more. i lived in this house for 10 years.

another time, my mother went to hug my sister, and for some reason my sister (who still doesnt know why she said it and is still creeped out by it)when they hugged, my sister leaned into my mother and whispered into her ear "i wanna chop your head off and keep it". my sister was maybe 7 at the time.

i didnt find this out till just this year, 18 years later. and i only just told her this year how, many times i would have a re-occurring dream, that i would wake up and go to the bathroom, and my mothers head would be chopped off in the toilet.

another time, when i was 6, was skipping through the house, and something had pulled me backward, i broke my foot on the vacuum cleaner and just told people i tripped because no one would believe that something had pulled me backwards.
many little "hauntings" happened the whole time i was there, i thought it was normal.

i dont know if the "haunting" was of the house, or of one of us, or because we had so many religious books and stuff.

but my parents got a divorce, my dad moved, the hauntings still occured. after awhile you just kind of get used to it and think its a normal thing, especially being born into it. you only realize its not normal when you mention it and people think you are crazy when you know your not.

we moved from there when i was 10, the older couple who bought the house remodeled it soon after they moved in. i am now 20 and i havnt been back since, but get a sick feeling in my stomach everytime i ever drive past....

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Aug 25, 2013
Small town haunting NEW
by: Susie connolly

This story really spooked me, made sense and was a pleasure to read something realistic. The part about the sister whispering in her mom's ear, was disturbing and the dreams were also. I wonder what you would find out if anything, the past owners of the house, and if anybody had been murdered there? I'd be curious to find out, good story.

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