Sleep paralysis

by Shiina

This had never happened to me before and nothin similar has happened since. Now I don't believe in ghosts and such but this keeps me wondering. I had came home from a long day of work to a house full of people. Well I found my little cousin in my room. I was very annoyed and kicked her out while she screamed her little lungs off and then locked the door (I've never before locked my door prior to this and have never since). I went to bed a bit after. I woke up unable to move or speak but was completely aware of everything around me. It was pitch black and then it hit me... I heard voices. The voices were right beside my bed but it was what they said that got to me. While I don't remember most of what was said I do remember this "We're here every night you just dpn't know it". After that I began to feel myself sliding off my bed towards the voices (which is not logically possible because my bed like most does not have an incline). It was more as if I was slowly being pulled off my bed towards the voices and as hard as I tried I could not move. The voices said more frightening things such as we are always watching you, we follow you, and there's no escape. After much effort I was finally able to move again and the first thing I did was run and turn on my light. Of course no one was there. I told myself it was all in my head and went back to sleep (after unlocking the door). The weirdest thing is for some reason my mirror frightens me in the dark (my mirror is right by my bed and the voices were comin from that vicinity). Probably just my imagonation...what do you think?

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