SLC UTAH Memory Grove

by Michelle
(Slc Utah)

There is many storys of memory grove.. if you go there after dark you will have an experiance of your own... my story is one I couldn't believe so I had to go a few times to make sure I was not crazy I would park up at the top and walk down this little winding trail when I reached the bottom of the trail there was a ghost of a football player he was dressed in a old granger high football uniform he didnt say anything he just stared at me I walked past him and went deeper into memory grove as things got a bit creepy as we heard stories of other peoples memory grove experiances so I left when I got home I felt like I was not alone so I called the friends who were with me and they said they felt like something followed them home so we all met up and went back as we arrived we opened the car doors got out for a min then felt like whatever was with us had left so we got in the car and took off a week or so latter we went back the same guy in the same football uniform was there and every time I return he still stands there in the same place staring at me.

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