sioux city iowa house on court street

by sydnee johnson
(sioux city iowa)

well lets start off with the basics things always fall in the kitchen pans and pots then there is my old room and my new room i am 13 years old by the way well my old room was in the attic and i was up there watching television with my cat named lilly when this thing just shoots up in the air and starts coming at me so i grab my cat and run down the stairs also when i still had that room the door to my room would always open real slowley and slam late at night when everyone but me was asleep i played the ghost board and it said my cat always gets hurt by them and i notice when im in my new room the basement that she always stares at something then whenever i lay down to watch television there will be this really cold spot behind me and i will see black figures and my final sharing one night i fell asleep and my dresser was all the way across the room and i had this fish statue and i woke up and had a cut on my head and the fish was on the floor next to me and in my basement there is all these symbals and weird things and fingerprints that were not there before and that is my story

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