Signal mountain tennessee

(Chattanooga tennessee)

I was in 10th grade and had to pick a topic for a report. I choose the battle at chickamauga because my step dads ancestor died in it and the family still had some of his belongings. I spent days and days with my step dads mom taking notes and going thru boxes reguarding him. It was incredible the information and photos i had 1st hand. Guarenteed A+. The weekend before the report was due is when everything went wrong. I always slept with my ceiling fan and radio on and the door closed. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing to death i could see my breath. I knew something was not right. My ceiling fan turned off and my radio began changing stations. I looked over toward the radio and saw him standing there in the right corner of my room in full uniform. I tried to scream. I tried to run. I literally was froze with fear. I dont know how long any of it lasted but as quick as it happened it all went away and i was able to run to my moms room screaming and taking her into my room to show her. She and my step dad pretty much blew me off about the entire thing and kept saying i had a great imagination. I slept in their room that night...the next day i tried to talk to them again about it and of coarse "im crazy" ..late that saturday night early sunday morning i finally was able to lay down but i made my mom leave her door open as well as mine so we could see each other easily. I finally dozed off. Again i was woke up by freezing cold air, the radio getting loud then quiet, and him standing at the foot of my bed in the same clothes. The only difference was i managed to scream and i watched my mom jump out of bed and come running. As soon as she reached my room my bedroom door slammed in her face and she could not get it to open. Like before it just stopped and everything went back to normal and the door opened and i ran out into the kitchen with my mom and step dad. All we can figure is i dug up to much information on him and it was noones business. My step dad and i burned the report in the fireplace that night and never saw him again.

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