Shirin Pulcino

by Shirin Pulcino
(8416 143rd St.Ct.N.w. GigHarbor, Wa)

I Grew up in Butte, Montana at 830 W.Galena St. I grew up in that house w/ 1 sister and 2 brothers.All the bedrooms were upstairs,including our parents' room.Even young before I could understand the meaning"ghost"I knew there was always somone,something there watching all of us.I used to hide in my parents' room staring at the closets waitng for what ever it was, to show its self.When I was neer age 8 it always would turn on and off lights and turn on the downstairs bathroom water and the pipes would start screaming and the dog would start howling from behind the couch.My Dad would go down and shut it all of and calm the dog.Stuff always came up missing,especially clothes or something you liked.When I was 14,15 I was more harrased by the ghost by anyone.I could hardley have sleep overs cause my friends were scared.I had my T.V.sturned up high then off,light bulbs blown up and doors thrown open with such force it chipped the wall and slammed shut from the force of it all.When it walked down the hall or stairs we could hear the stairs creek.I had never really shared my experences with family if I could help it because if I talked about the events in the house something would always,always happen during the conversation!!No joke.I have the names of all the friends that went thru this scary shit with me and my Mom is still alive to tell some stories herself.To this day I still dream of this ghost and it scares the crap outta me,I moved out of that house and have onlty visited on time since(except the dreams of coarse)and haven't been back since.But I could bet money on it that whoever is living there today ,has the same stuff going on.Garrented!I dream of this ghost atleast 2x's aweek.I don't know why ,maybe it scared me too bad?But I really think someone should check it out.

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