She is ALWAYS with Me.

by Karly Deutsch

Hi, my name is Karly I'm 15 & I live in Pittsburgh PA. Last week my friends and I played with a ouijiboard just for fun. We talked to many of our relatives. I talked to my nanny & I know it was her cause I asked the board if it was really her what was my nickname that she called me when I was little & it spelled out "chacha" thats what she use to call me. Well I asked her if she would alway stay with me through every moment in my life and she said yes. Well.....yesterday I was with a friend who takes pictures so I was modeling for her in my family room, but every picture she took of me there was an orb!! I started getting really scared because it was only in the pictures of me by myself it was right next to me in almost all of them. Today I was taking pictures and it was still there. I wasn't sure if it was just a spot on my camera so I asked my sister to sit on the same chair as I did, in the exact same spot so she did... but there was no orb. It was only in the pics i was in. I don't wanna be scared cause I'm almost positive it's my nanny, but I just wish I knew. I'm almost a hundred percent positive it's her. I get frightened to take any pictures though now. I just really wanna think positive on this. I love and miss her so much. I hope she stays with me through everything my good & bad times. I want her to help me get through life. I know she is always there now cheering on my every move. Helping me make good decisions. I would love to send some pictures in if you would like. My email is I hope you enjoyed my story.

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