sharon ogden utah

by sharon
(ogden utah usa)

I don't have a story about a haunted house or location. Wherever me and my two sons move paranormal phenomena occurs. I used to think it was the houses we lived in, but every house? hmmm. It turns out that it wasnt the houses at all. When my oldest son turned 12 he started to see spirits. to this day, (he is now 22) he is often bothered by the dead. He has learned to control it but he will still come running up the stairs sometimes because he has seen someone no longer living. We moved in with my fiance 5 years ago. I thought about telling him that there may be times when he will see or feel something i held back however! you know new relationship, i didn't want him to think we were crazy! It wasn't long before i had to tell him of my sons ability. My son had been walking home from a friends house one night in 2009 and he took a short cut through the cemetary, he told me he played hide and seek with the spirit of a young boy, well this spirit followed him home. A few nights later my fiance came into our bedroom and was sorts struggling for the right words, i told him about my son and that he walked through the cemetary a few nights ago, My son apologized and explained to us that the child may have followed him home and my fiance said he had just seen a child of about 5 or 6 spinning in circles on his knees near the kitchen! My son successfully led the child back. This is absolutley true and its only one of many such experiences.

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