sharon nobles ogden utah

by sharon nobles
(ogden utah,usa)

In my previous story i told you all about my sons extraordinary ability to see and speak with the dead and how he has learned to control what he refers to as his "door".

Today i am going to tell another story but im going to change both my sons a tribute to my ongoing love of middle earth my oldest sons name is sam (22) and my youngest sons name is bo (21).

Lets begin.

In 1999 we bought a house in atown called perry which is close to brigham city,utah.

the house sits at the edge of a wooded area at the base of the wasatch front.

soon after moving in sam and bo began telling me of a little boy that was living in sams room, right away i believed them because i was having my own personal experiences with this child.

sam woke me up one morning and told that the boy kept pulling his blankets off in the night and playing with some toys that sam had found in a hidden cubby hole in the room.

i asked if he was frightened and he said "no mama, im just really tired. can i stay home from school? of course i let him! the day after that, the year is early 2000 now, i got up and got ready for work, i had to get up at 4:30am to be in washington terrace by 6:00.

i walked outside to start my car and heard giggling and shuffling feet near the house, i wasnt frightened, far from it.

i called out for him to behave and let the boys sleep! when i walked back inside i heard the boy running downstairs and then the door to the family closed, i followed him and when i got to the family room i heard a child sneeze and the door to my bedroom open! my room was on the other side of the house.

when i got there the family room door opened! i went back and forth with this spirit for about 5 minutes then i bid him goodbye and left for work.

we moved out of the house 2years and several experiences later but not before i found out that the family that lived there before us lost there young son, he was hit by a car on the old highway which was about 100 feet...maybe a bit further from our house.

the boy came with us...but thats another story!

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May 08, 2015
Keep Going NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't stop's like a cliff hanger! I want to know more about your experiences with this little boy, who obviously became attached to your family. Do your sons still live with you? Do they still experience the little boy's presence?

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