Shady side, MD

by Erin
(Shady side, md)

At the very end of Dent road, beyond gates where the road is blocked off, sits an old abandoned house on the right. A few years ago, some friends and I as well as their dog went to visit this house. As we walked up to it the dog started barking and going crazy trying to run towards the house. We walked up closer into the yard we heard shrieks. We all stopped and listened. We thought that it was most likely an animal. One guy picked up a rock and threw it towards the window where the noise was coming from. And the noise stopped. We walked towards the front door and saw a strange set up in the shed like structure. There was hay all over the ground and an old cot. As we walked into the house there was graffiti on the walls. Some saying believe in Jesus and some evil signs. We started up the stairs. We heard growling coming from a bedroom above. Then lots of loud thumping. As we continued up we noticed the noises were coming from behind a closed door. We all prepared ourselves to run. We opened the door only to see another closed door and hear more growling. All of a sudden the door busted open and we all ran out of the house. We don't know what was in that house but I will never go back.

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