Shades Of Death Road, around Liberty Township

by Emilie P.

Shades of Death Road is a haunted road in NJ, often known as 'Shades' there are 2 shades the new one and old one.

the new one has Ghost Lake and a hiking spot and a cave also know as the Fairy Hole. And there is also Lenape Lane.
Ghost Lake and the Fairy Hole and the hiking spot aren't much. But Lenape Lane is a dead end road, if you driving down it and park, a fog will come around the car leaving hand prints all over or some see apparitions. I personally have been to scarred to do this, but one of my friends have and proved it to be true. I'm not sure whether Lanape Lane is on the old or new shades. But either way both roads are next to each other, I haven't been on either shades all that much but i've been on the old one more. It is defiantly very creepy. At the end of the old shades there is a split. If you drive around the tree that splits it, three times a little boy appears, everyone in the car must point a certain way, if they don't they will die. I have never done this either but my friends have. On shades on night My friends decided to get out and walk, a little bit after we started walking we were hearing, feeling and seeing things. We ran back and drove off. My friend said she saw a man, and i saw a boy. Recently we were on shades and the driver saw a deer with red eyes, and if you see this deer it's a warning of disaster or something. If look into the deer's eye you die. Luckly he didn't. We had just went around a bend and the WHOLE street was flooded out, there was no creeks or ponds and we weren't near ghost lake. So we backed up and drove off the way we came, i heard somethings and saw what i thought to be a cow, funny how there are no cows on shades. I haven't been back since, but i know i will. There is alot of history to shades and if you search you'll find out. It is like a teen attraction. It is creepy and fun. so have fun. but don't have to much fun.

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