Serena Chavez Long Beach CA

by Serena Chavez

My house has always been haunted I could just feel it. when I was about 5 my mom and aunt were watching ghost hunters (how convenient)well I was in my room about to go to bed and my closet door opened slowly and just as I was about to go shut it all the electricity in my house went out. I felt like someone was standing behind me and I ran to my mom. we checked our fuse box and we seen that according to that the electricity was still on so it was kind of weird. when I was about 8 I was alone in my room and I remember it being like 3 in the morning and I heard someone walking throughout my house and I got up to investigate. when I went to my living room I seen a dark shadow standing in the middle of the living room and then it went away. Just recently as I was applying for my high school I was alone at my dinning table and I felt like someone was behind me so I turned around and no one was there. I brushed it off and continued with what I was doing. I turned and I seen a little girl. I was frightened at first and said, "who are you." she started laughing and giggling and I remember feeling like I was dreaming and I told her to go away and started praying and then she went away.

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