sensabaugh tunnel kingsport tn

by tabatha price
(kingsport, tn)

there is actually 2 tunnels its near rotherwood mansion and netherland inn... the story ive been told is that a woman and mayb her children were murdered there and i have actually seen the woman in white who is said to haunt the rotherwood mansion also ive seen a man floating near the tunnel and have heard a woman scream and a baby cryeing in the tunnel.... i have friends who have turned their cars off in the middle of the tunnel for it to not start back! also i have a friend known in this area as the ghost man who has recorded voices of a little girl speaking on a old school tape recorder along with pics hes taken of unexplained fog that looks like figures.... this whole area is def haunted and there was alot of the civil war fought along the stretch of river the man i witnessed floating along big elm road beside the river looked to b a soldier! my friend has also told me storys of the old tunnel and hearing soldiers singing and much more!

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