Seaview, Washington located by chinook,wa across from astoria, oregon

by k
(k street in seaview, washington)

rented a home from the 1800's of a old seaman and owner of the local market. The heat would always go up over 90 degrees in the house, the thermastat was on the first floor, bedrooms on the 2nd, I would be sweating hot and go down stairs and the heat would be turned up to over 100 degrees. We had it checked, nothing was wrong.

The tub would turn on in the middle of the night, scorching hot water, full blast. It would wake me and my husband up and he would have to get a wrench to turn it off after the tub was almost full.
We would hear footsteps going up the stairs to our bedroom, ALL THE TIME. Sounds of a heavy step and a image of a old man was on the wall.... freak me out,but i was never scared... The animals would go nuts.
Sometimes when you walked in the house it would be either really ice box 56 degrees or over 100. Very random.

Its still a rental. we moved after 6 months. We became pregnant in the house and I miscarried a twin, yet my son was born. We moved right after.

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