Scott County, Buffalo Road

Well, the story is that there is an old burnt orphanage in a huge field. The kids at the orphanage where tortured and beat in the 1940's. When a kid died they buried the kid in an unmarked grave in the field. It's said that you can hear the kids from this day screaming. I myself have been to the building, which took me hours to find, but ride was worth it. I myself didn't see anything, but I have heard a lot of people that say they have. Inside the floor is missing in places, and the walls are burnt but I didn't go all the way in. You can find it by either going the long way through Winfield, the medium way through Oneida park, or the quick way through Annadel. You should find a split in the road that has a smith road sign, and a New Salems Church Sign. As soon as you take that road you will find a curve, and a road that goes straight, go a few feet into the straight road, and take a right and you will be directly in front of the orphanage. That is from the Annadel way. Its not on Pine hill road. Noting that. Have fun!

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