school hauntngs on the space coast

by haedyn

there were stories of my school being on an indian buerial ground.

well one day when i was in 2nd grade i went to the bathrooms with one of my friends she walked into the stall and i saw a figure follow her..

i didnt think much of it until i was fixing my
hair in the mirror and i saw a shadow walk up behind me it looked like a tall man with a top-hat, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to the ground.

i screamed for my friend and we both ran out of there. later on that same year that same friend was walking by that bathroom and somthing tripped her and she broke her arm.

the school board close those batrooms a few years later because they heard banging and screaming noises in there.

6 years later they are still locked but some times you can see the door trying to open from the inside. all of this is unexplained...

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