scary house


My sister lived in this house. Her and my nephew were the only ones in the house. She was giving him a bath, her back toward the door. Well, she heard someone walking behind her. She looked, no one was there. She shook it off, kept giving him a bath. Well, she heard it again, she looked out the door way and said " anyone there? " no one was there. She went back and gave him a bath. All of a sudden she heard a deep guy voice say something I forgot. She started to get scared, but had to finish the bath. About 5 minutes later she heard that voice again and foot steps, she looked over and the towels hanging there were moving. She tried to debunk it, but there was no vent or air movement. She got my nephew out of the bath and called my "mom"
Her husband came home, she didn't even tell him the whole story before he had a experience. He was making a bottle looked over to the toy room (it was a very creepy room, I hated being in there) and he saw a shadow walking. He told her to go, get out of the house. They moved. Never went back again.

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