scariest experience of my life !

by bridget daglish
(England )

i was about to do ouiji board, with my friend..

we did one question saying .. is there any good spirits in the room and it took about 2-3 mins for it to respond .. it went to no then we asked if there were any bad spirits in the room and straight away it moved to yes :/ we asked how many and it moved to the number 7 we said how did you die ?
they didnt write back for about 12 mins then it spelt out gjstu and then after about 5-6 mins it pulled me back against my wall and i couldnt breath i saw my friend pour out with blood from her mouth nose and eyes i was let down from the wall and my friend was dragged down my hall way .. i followed her to a room she was dragged into and before i got in the door slammed shut i heard her scream i was banging the door to let me in but suddenly it went silent .. i tried opening the door and it opened i looked around the corner of the room and there she was , hanging in mid air .. with black finger tips .. i went to touch her and she grabbed me and i couldnt move i was lieing on the ground staring at her while she looked me in the eye with her black eyes for ages then i remember being pulled back again then let go i was knocked out for a while i woke up with my friend ( the one who was hanging) sitting next to me rocking staring at the mirror i got up in a flash ran out side down the st then i was suddenly stopped and woke up the next morning on the side of the road blood everywhere .. and i didnt go back to my house again im now living with my mum and dad :( scariest experience EVER !!!!!!!!!!!

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